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"People" photography

If you're in need of professional or personal photos: brand, musician, model, family etc.. please fill in the box on my contact page, or click here and include your project details. I'll be happy to provide you with further information. 

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Pet photography

Personalized artwork for your home.

This unique experience for you and your pet will be a fun opportunity to create lasting memories and come away with breathtaking artwork that captures their true personality, whilst showcasing them as the superstar they are! 
Please see the FAQ's at the bottom of this page.

Mini Session

1hr session of your pet
5 edited images included

Standard session

1-2hr session of your pet
10 edited images included + $150 product credit
Option to take photos with your pet 



A Day in the Life

Spend the day at you and your pets' favorite spots! Hanging at home, going to the park, out eating lunch, etc. Where we go and what we do is completely up to you!

Up to 4hrs
Option to take photos with your pet 
15 edited images included +$300 product credit


  • What can I expect when I book a session?
    1- Intro email: You'll receive an intro email including info on the typical rundown of a session, things to think about before our call, and general notes to ensure the best photoshoot ever. 2- Phone Consultation: We'll have a 30minute phone or zoom call where we'll come together to lock in the date, time, and location for our session. We'll conceptualize your photoshoot and discuss what you're looking for in terms of artwork for your home: Wall art, photo albums, etc. 3-Session: At our session, you and your dog's only job is to be yourself! Even if that means your pup is barking at every squirrel and sniffing every tree trunk! I guarantee I'll create beautiful images as I've worked with dogs more distracted than yours. Our session will take place at the location(s) of your choice. I also know many great locations around middle Tennessee. 4-Ordering session- About 1-2 weeks after your session, we'll meet in person or via zoom to go over all your photos, choose your favorites, and finalize your order together. I've got a great program that makes this very simple and convenient. I will then move your files into production and produce gorgeous custom artwork that you will love for a lifetime. Each time you look at them, you'll be reminded or the joy your furry family brings you!
  • What if my dog can't be off-leash?
    The safety of my clients is the number one priority during our session and the only dogs that should be off-leash are the ones that their owners are 100% confident in their ability to recall their pet in that particular situation. Otherwise, all leashes will be magically removed in photoshop from any ordered image at no additional cost.
  • My dog is a little too (insert adjective here: hyper, shy nervous) so they will never cooperate for a session.
    Approximately 99% of the pups that grace these pages are your everyday companions. They may or may not listen to sit or stay and that is JUST FINE! My camera will capture them at 1/1000th of a second so they truly do not have to be quiet or still. It’s important to discuss any possible behavior challenges during the pre-session consultation, but sometimes no-one knows the dog is terrified of the sound of the shutter! Whatever the case, we will spend some extra time with your four-legged family member to get them comfortable with me and my camera.
  • Do you photograph any other animals other than dogs?
    Yes! I also photograph cats, but am always excited to work on unique projects. Got an interesting pet you want photographed? Head to my contact page and shoot me an email.
  • How do I book a session?
    Head to my contact page and fill in the prompts or email me directly at and tell me about your dog and what you hope to create during our session!
  • What type of artwork can I buy?
    We specialize in high end wall art in the form of HD metal prints, HD acrylic prints, canvas prints, and wooden framing that come in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes. All clients who book a session receive an email with photo samples of each of these. Feel free to head to our contact page and request these as well. Additionally, we offer photo albums, prints, and digital files.
  • Do I have to buy any artwork?
    I highly encourage my clients to have a plan to print their images. Otherwise, there is a high possibility that they are going to slowly fade away into the depths of their computer's hard drive. Each package I offer does have digital files included and you may certainly add more!
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